Philip Cassius – swedish saxophone player, composer & producer

A contemporary sax player influenced by a lot of different genres and feelings with a love to play everything from jazz to pop, house, latin, funk, rock. A unique voice on the Swedish music scene with his forward thinking and drive to create something new. All for the love of the melody, which is what his playing is always about, no matter the situation.

Growing up in a culturally interested but nonmusical family Philip was encouraged to try an instrument and therefore started to play the piano at the age of ten. Even though music was a big part of his life this early his interest was more focused on sports. In his teens he began listening to music in a more serious way and found some artists that inspired him deeply. The genres were mostly pop, rock, AOR from the 70’s and 80’s. Now the sound of a particular instrument called to him. The SAXOPHONE. He therefore decided at the age of fifteen to give it a try and started to rent a sax and take a few lessons. Shortly thereafter he began a year as a exchange student in Oregon USA where he got the chance to play in his first bands and constellations. There was at this time he decided that he wanted to make music to his life and try to be a professional musician.

Philip has since then studied several years of jazz and improvisational music with some of the best players and teachers in Sweden and internationally. Sax teacher and mentor Robert Nordmark, Jim Leopardo, Mats Holmquist, Eric Marienthal, Johan Löfcrantz Ramsay, Anders Johnsson to name a few.

Philip has last years been combining part time work as a project manager for Medborgarskolan making different kinds of culture events, booking bands, and managing rehearsal rooms. Leaving that job summer 2016 he is now focusing only at his freelancing With his main gig being a sax player of Cruise company Tallink Silja Lines concept of DJ + Saxophone.You can also see him with the salsa group Salserismo, as a sidemen for the great singer Istria Sanchez, his own smooth jazz group Cityscape or lots of other different projects.

Philip is always striving to become a better musician and person and always continues to practice to become the best he can be. He is excited about the future and has a dream about composing original music for his band to perform.